Rock Theme

Rocks are all around us!

We walk on them, we build with them we use them for making glass and jewellery. They can be light or heavy, they can be old or new--ish! And one thing for sure is that they are fun to find out about! 

So let's do it, let's research rocks in our 'rock theme'! 

Books and Literacy

There are loads of lovely books you can dip into for your rock theme. If you like to titillate the kids interest and start your theme with a story book as I like to do, a good one to look at is 

Everybody need a rock by Byrd Baylor. 

Its a fabulous book which gives the reader 10 things to look for when selecting the perfect rock. Read it and then go out and let the kids find a their very own perfect pet rock!

Make your very own Pet Rock

This is a great way to start your topic on rocks. 

Having read 


Need inspiring teaching ideas? You have come to the right place.

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