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Does your classroom need some fun learning ideas?

Or have you suddenly become a home schooler?

Then you are in the right place! can help you revitalize your lesson planning and bring life back to your classroom.

It can also give you some great activities to do while at home with the kids! There are lots of freebie downloads to grab too!

Top Teaching Ideas

As a teacher I know that choosing the right activities for a theme or topic is of paramount importance when it comes to 'getting the kids on board!'

And ,once on board they learn without realizing it. They become self motivated - and teaching becomes more fun!

In my years as a teacher I have found lots of things that work well - and lots of things that don't!

I want to share with you on some great themes and projects that have worked in my classroom. And give you a place to share your ideas too!

I hope you enjoy visiting this site and get inspired!

Teaching Themes and Activities

Here are a few of the teaching theme ideas on this site to get you started.

   Topic of the month: Monster Theme.

Young children always enjoy listening to stories of 'make believe' monsters.

And older children love to delve back in time and discover weird and wonderful monsters from long ago.

So click here and begin your motivating Monster Theme!

There are plenty of useful print-outs too! 


Need inspiring teaching ideas? You have come to the right place.

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