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Here are my top teaching ideas for your classroom theme. These cross-curricula activities and resources can provide lessons for a six week block of classroom time.

All About Me Teaching Theme Ideas for the Home Corner

  Doctors Surgery


  Shop [food  or clothes]

  A room in a house

  A toy factory [This is a good one around Xmas time!]

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Story books to accompany the teaching theme: All about Me.

Search for these books on Amazon if you haven't already got them in your classroom.I love starting the topic with a good story.It gets the kids interested and gives you some good ideas for your theme.

Alison and the Bully Monsters by Jac Jones.

The hairy Toe. Traditional Tale 

The Bad Tempered Ladybird by Eric Carle.

Be Brave, Billy by Jan Ormarod.

Katie Morag and the two Grandmothers. by Mairi Hedderwick

Five Minutes Peace by Jill Murphy

Just Awful by Alma Marshak Whitney 

Alfie Gives a Hand by Shirley Hughes

Alfie's Feet by Shirley Hughes

Oliver's Vegetables by Vivian French

The Doorbell Rang by Pat Hutchins

Dad! I can't Sleep by Michael Foreman

Literacy All About Me Teaching Theme Ideas

  • Ask the children to write a description of themselves. It must include their age, their hair colour and the colour of their eyes. Download a worksheet here
  • Discuss with the children different things they can do with  their hands and feet. The children draw round their hand or foot and write inside the outline a list of action words that the limb is capable of doing. For example: write or skip. Download your worksheet here
  • Birthday invitations.
  • Make a birthday card with a rhyme inside for one of their friends. You can download 2 templates here one has a picture already on it and the other is blank. There are also instructions as to how to make the card
  • Ask the children to write their own names in lots of different colours using crayons or paint.
  • Make a collage from old magazines about things the children like and write a list underneath describing what they like.
  • Write a story about a body. This could be about a skeleton , a person who is handicapped or a body that has taken on superhuman powers.
  • Discuss with the children the things that make them different from anyone else.  They could write a list of things they are good at. Then do the same thing for a friend. 
  • Discuss with the children how they have changed since they were a toddler.  What are the things they can do now that they couldn't do when they were small. Make a personal time line from baby to the present day showing how their abilities have changed.

Maths All About Me Teaching Theme Activities

  •  Make a bar chart for eye colour or birthdays.
  •  Find the tallest and shortest child in the class and measure them. Find the difference.
  • Make a fingerprint pattern by dipping their forefinger in 2 or 3 different coloured paints.
  • Talk about times of the day. See if any of the children can tell you what time they get up, start school or go to bed. Record on classroom clock.
  •  Get the kids to draw round their hands, cut them out [if  possible] and use them to measure objects around the  classroom.
  •  If your creative play area is a shop or a cafe.  Provide play money for them to experiment with.
  •  Clap the rhythms of their names. For example for Jack you would make one clap but for Emily you would make three claps. Play a guessing game to identify the person whose name is being clapped out.
  •  Discuss with the children what a Venn diagram is. Decide on 2 activities that the children might enjoy doing. For example riding a bike and playing on the computer. Draw 2 overlapping circles on the board and ask the children to put their name in the circle of the activity they like best. If they like both activities they can put their name in the central section where the 2 circles overlap.The children can then make their own Venn diagram using different activities.
  •  Ask the children to think of the best class size for dividing children into groups of equal size. eg: 36 will divide into groups of 2,4,6 and 9. What about 28 and 32?                                         
  •  For older children 'A pulse rate ' graph is fun to do.  They will need a piece of squared paper with a list of activities down one side and the numbers from 60 to 120 for the beats per minute along the bottom.  Show the class how to take their pulse rate and then with a  partner take it in turns to do one of the activities for 1 minute and immediately afterwards take their pulse rate and plot the results on the graph.

Science All About Me Theme Teaching Ideas

  • Discuss teeth hygiene with the children. How should we look after our teeth? What happens to our teeth if we don't look after them properly?  Have any of the children had a tooth out and why?  There's some more fun teaching ideas for keeping our teeth healthy on my Food Teaching Theme page!
  • Talk with the children about what happens when they are ill. Discuss ways of keeping healthy by taking regular exercise, eating healthy foods and keeping our bodies clean and away from germs.
  • Keeping safe.  Discuss with the children things that can be a danger about the house such as kettles, medicines, knives and cleaning products. Think of ways that parents or carers can help keep these things away from young children.
  • Read the story of Funnybones to the children and discuss why we have bones in our bodies.  Get the children to put on and take off a coat. Then let it just drop onto the floor.Tell them that's what our bodies would be like if we didn't have any bones. Make a 'joint' ie elbow or knee, by joining 2 pieces of card together . How can they be joined so that they will bend easily?
  • Ask the children to draw an outline of themselves and draw these organs in the places they think they ought to be.  Lungs, heart , brain , liver , kidneys , stomach and bladder. Then compare it with a diagram of the human body

All About Me Teaching Theme Ideas for Art

• Make a happy and sad puppet with the children out of circles of card.Get them to draw a happy face on one side and a sad face on the other and add some wool for the hair. Lastly attach a straw to the bottom so the children can twist it round to see a happy face one side and a sad face on the other.

• The children can make hand pictures from drawing round their hands, colouring them in and arranging them on pieces of paper to form a shape.

• Make thumb pots out of Plasticine or clay and decorate them with paint when they are dry.

• For younger children Finger Painting is always a popular activity. They can make a pattern or shape on sugar paper or  get the children to use one finger to make the petals of a flower or the feathers on a bird or even the fur on an animal when making a wall display.

• Use art straws and white paper to make a picture of a skeleton on black paper.

• Make an x ray using tracing paper and white wax crayons. Draw the bones with the white wax crayon then wash over  with thin black paint and leave to dry.

All About Me Teaching Theme History Ideas

My Family    

Talk with the children about all the people in their families including grandparents and great grandparents.They could then make a time line starting with themselves, and going back as far as they can remember, to include all their family that are still alive.

• Ask the children to draw pictures of their their grandparents. What things have changed since their grandparents were children?

Geography Ideas for an All About Me Teaching Theme

• Using a map of the world ask the children what other countries they have visited.Then ask them to see if they can point out where these places are on a the map.The children could then draw a picture of themselves and place it on the appropriate country.

• Discuss with the children where in the world they would like to visit.Use computers to find some information about that country.

Religious Education All About Me Teaching Theme Ideas.

• Brainstorm ideas of how the children could help someone. Challenge them all to do something to help somebody else before the end of the day.

• Ask the children to make a list of things that they feel are important in a friend. Then they could draw a flower with large open petals and put one idea in each petal. These could then be used for a wall display.

• Read the story of The Good Samaritan to the children .   They could then write their own modern day story of a person  that was too busy to stop and help someone else in trouble.

All About Me Teaching Theme Songs.

• When I needed a neighbour were you there?
• Heads and shoulders ,knees and toes.
• Do your ears hang low?
• If you're happy and you know it.
• Hands to work and feet to run.
• Put your finger on your head.
• One finger one thumb keep moving.

• I once knew a fella who had 12 teeth. [see food theme for words and music]

I hope you find these All About Me Teaching Theme activities and resources useful in your classroom. 

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