Sun Activities

Summer is here. The kids love to be outside, so here are a few sun activities for you to do with your class both outside and in!

Sun Prints

Choose a sunny day to do this easy-peasy activity with the kids.

There's no mess and no clearing up [sigh of relief!] and the sun does ALL the work.

All you need is some pieces of brightly coloured paper and a few solid objects to place on to the paper

Take all this outside and allow the children to arrange the objects on their piece of paper and leave them in a sunny place for as long as you can.

If you are in a nursery and only have the kids for an hour or two you might have to leave them until the next day to get the best results.

I asked the children what they thought would happen. I got some strange answers but it got them thinking!

Sun Art

These suns make a sunny border for your display. That's if the kids allow you to keep them! I had to bribe mine!

The idea is simple and they can put as much or as little input as they want into their work to create their own design. No teacher lead activities here!.

All you need to provide is some paper plates or circles of stiff paper, yellow paint and lots of collage bits ,such as yellow sticky paper, buttons and things to create a face.

The children must make a yellow sun face either by painting the circle or sticking on bits of yellow collage and then add bits to make a happy sun face. Afterwards they can add some strips of yellow sticky paper round the edge to be the rays. [Good for cutting skills]

Sun Necklaces

This fun sun activity is good for all those little people who find it difficult to use a pair of scissors!

They will need:

Lots of small circles drawn onto fairly stiff pieces of card,


pieces of thread 

a hole punch

The activity is simple . The kids just cut out as many circles as they can, hole punch them [this obviously might need some adult help] and thread them onto the piece of string or thread and bingo they have made a sun necklace to wear!

Muffin Cup Suns

This is another dead easy task for the kids to do.

You will need some yellow or white muffin cases and a pair of scissors.

Also pieces of blue paper to stick them onto when finished.

White ones will need some yellow decoration added to them later and even the yellow ones might look better with something extra added

They then cut round th edges to make a fringe, flatten them carefully with their hands and stick onto blue paper.

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