Animal Topics

These animal topic suggestions below, offer you the chance to mix and match activities to suit your theme and your class of kids.    

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Insect Activities for your Animal Topics Theme

Insect activities are always a winner with kids.They love creepy crawly creatures.

So get them out on a bug hunt, have them racing snails or even growing their own butterfly!

There are lots of tried and tested ideas on my insect activities page so go on take a peek and have fun!

Farm Theme

Whether it's spring time or harvest, an 'On the farm theme gives plenty of scope for getting stuck in!

Go visit a farm, feed and handle the animals, get messy and enjoy!

Rainforest Theme 

Rain Forest theme takes the kids on a wild and exciting journey. Away from the places they are familiar with and into a world of make believe.

Like the story of Max in 'Where the Wild Things are', anything can happen!

Dip into the ideas on this page and export your kids to a different world!

Bird Teaching Theme

'Birds' make a great topic at any time of the year.

In spring you can explore chicks and eggs or discover birds migratory habits in fall.

Go to my birds teaching theme page for some little 'tweets'!

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