Free Comprehension Worksheets

These free comprehension worksheets are ideal for your reading comprehension lessons.

They are suitable for children aged 5 to 7years

These stories have been very popular with the children in my classes. They are about a Squirrel puppet called Nutty who discovers that by sneaking into people's shopping bags he can go to exciting places that he's never been to before. In these comprehension worksheets he goes to a ski resort and tries his luck at squirrel skiing !

When children begin to read they often concentrate on the words rather than the meaning so when you ask them what the story is about they often have no idea!

In order to help them read with understanding they need to be able to read the text easily. So in my worksheets I have tried to use short words or ones that they come across often in their reading books.   [ though not all the time!]

This way they can actually enjoy the text for what it is about rather than having to stop and decipher each word!

I have tried to include 4 kinds of questions that children need in order to get the most out of their reading. They are

  • Literal questions where the answer is in the text.
  • Deductive questions where the clues are in the text
  • Inferential questions where the pupil has to read beyond the lines and give a reason why .
  • Evaluative questions where the pupil has to give their own opinion on a certain aspect of the story.

Ideally they should be worked consecutively but can be used as a one- off in order to pick out a particular learning objective if necessary.

Free Comprehension Worksheets

Answer sheet (contains answers to all 5 worksheets)

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