About TopTeachingIdeas.com

Are you always looking for interesting ideas to use in your classroom?

Or are you now a struggling mum or dad trying to keep your kids interested and educated at home during these difficult times?

Topteachingideas.com is where I share my ideas and resources to help you with your themes and topics. The site is filled with ideas that I have used in teaching - and now you can use them too.

Please scroll down the list of topics and choose one that might be of interest to your learning programme and get started!!

There are a lot of 'freebie' downlaods for you to use too!!

Who is Liz?

I am Liz, the creator of Topteachingideas.com

I have been a infant/nursery (kindergarten and first grade) teacher for 40 years! I live in the UK and have two boys of my own. 

During my years teaching I have developed a huge resource list of ideas, theme activities and worksheets - and I have used these successfully in my classroom. Trial and error has revealed what works well with the children - and what doesn't!

My philosophy is that education should be fun! If you can interest the child in what you are doing then they have a much greater chance of them learning. The first few years at school set the foundations for their whole educational life. Bore them now and they will remember that experience their whole school lives. But introduce them to the love of learning and show them how interesting it can be - and you make an enthusiastic and successful student. 

I started this website in 2012 so I could share with you some of my ideas and resources. And of course I would love to hear your ideas too! If you have tried something in your classroom that works, why not get in touch and tell me all about it. 

I hope you find the site useful and interesting - and I hope to hear from you soon.



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