Rainforest Theme

The rainforest theme was a fun way of introducing the kids to an exciting new world outside their own environment.

I started the theme by reading the story 'There's a Rumble in the Jungle' which showed pictures of the various animals that live in the rain forest 

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 We also sung the song 'Down in the Jungle' so the kids could bring in the animals they remembered from the story.

I then wanted to build a jungle corner in my classroom so the first few activities we did were making things to put in the corner.As you can see from the picture the kids used their own ideas to paint what they thought the animals looked like. Although we did give them some books to look at before they started.

rain-forest-theme-jungle bulletin-board

Rainforest Themed Masks

Masks are a great addition if you make a rainforest corner - a good way for the children to try imaginative play. Make masks with the children, or they are easy to purchase

Jungle Leaves for Rainforest Theme 

I wanted big leaves for the wall picture and all different shapes,  

I decided to get the kids to splodge paint all over a large piece of paper with loads of different shades of green Then when it was dry, I cut out the leaves and put them aside while I made the vines to attach them to, [with the help of the kids ,of course!]

We made the vines by rolling up pieces of brown crepe paper into long sausage shapes and stapling them onto the wall.

Rainforest Theme Flowers.

We enjoyed making the flowers for the rainforest theme bulletin board.

We needed :

  • a paper plate
  • some bright coloured paint
  • petals cut out of bright coloured paper. [The kids can do this if their cutting skills are up to it!]
  • some classroom white glue or pritt- stick.

We asked the kids to paint their paper plate to make it like one of the brightly coloured flowers we had seen in the story.

Than when it was dry they stuck their petals on. All round the outside of their plate. 

We got some lovely examples of jungle flowers!


Jungle Butterflies 

I wasn't at all sure that butterflies lived in the rainforest but they do!

And of course they are bigger and brighter than the ones we are used to seeing, and from what I read have fascinating characteristics too! So another easy activity for the kids to do for the bulletin board!

These are fun to make and can be an interesting way of introducing symmetry.

All you need is :

  • A piece of A4 paper folded carefully in half
  • Some bright coloured paint in paint pots
  • Paint brushes
  • Scissors

It's important the kids paint only on one half of the paper  I sometimes fold it back on itself to ensure this. Then you get the kids to splodge paint onto the paper in an arbitrary way, fold it and gently press it and hey presto, a butterfly shape!

If possible get the kids to cut their own butterfly out. Cutting skills ticked!


Paper Plate Snakes

I didnt use any of these on the bulletin board but you can. Otherwise make them wriggle in and out of the netting from the next activity!

Excellent task for improving cutting skills and small motor control.

On the paper plate the child starts at the centre and draws a spiral shape, leaving adequate room between each circle to allow for the cutting.

Then he/she takes their scissors and carefully cuts from the outside edge of the plate to the centre following their drawn line.Once cut they can add eyes and a mouth at one end of the snake.

Net Weaving:
A roof for the Rainforest Theme Corner

If you can find an old piece of netting this makes a good activity for helping improve fine motor skills.

Afterwards you can use the decorated netting to make a roof for your jungle corner.[And dont forget to add your snakes!]

You will need :

  • A large- ish piece of netting
  • Some strips of crepe paper or anything you can find to weave in and out of the netting.I used old plastic bags cut into strips, wool, newspaper, tissue paper in fact anything that will give a variety of textures. 
  • Willing hands!

Allow the kids to chose one of the strips to weave in and out of the netting.Then add it to the Rainforest Theme corner.


Jungle Watch

Once you have made the theme corner you can start adding things for them to play with in there.

I called it a Jungle Watch Corner and started by putting a rug down to make it more cosy. Not that I think they would be cold in the rain forest but it does encourage them in there!

I also put in a pair of binoculars, clipboards and paper, markers, hard hats, an old camera, and vests to dress up in.

Snakes Snacks!

Of course! When they are out in the rain forest , Jungle Watching, they will undoubtedly need something to eat! So here is an idea for snack time. 

For your jungle snake snack you will need:

  • A Banana
  • Yoghurt [any flavour will do.]
  • Rice Crispies or similar.

 Cut the banana in half length ways, roll in yoghurt and coat in crispies and serve!

You might want to cut it into pieces once the kids have seen it. And don't forget to eat it in the Jungle watch corner!


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