Dinosaurs for Kids

Dinosaurs for kids have always been a source of excitement . 

I wonder why that is? Maybe it's because they know for sure that they will never ever see one, or maybe it's because dinosaurs are like giants, big,and scary and make great story material or just maybe, it's because we adults secretly still hold a fascination for them and want to share this with our kids. But whatever the reason it makes for a great theme to do with your class whatever age they are.

This dinosaur theme for kids offers a huge variety of teaching ideas for all areas of the curriculum.

So scroll down and get started!

Let the dinosaur theme begin!

Literacy Teaching Ideas for your Dinosaurs for Kids Theme

  • Begin your dinosaurs for kids theme by 'brainstorming' what they already know about dinosaurs and writing these facts down on a whiteboard or large piece of paper.

You may like to add some of your own to the list such as:

  • The word dinosaur means 'terrible lizard'.
  • Dinosaurs are extinct. That means they don't exist anymore.
  • Some dinosaurs just eat plants. They are called herbivores.
  • Some eat meat and these are called carnivores.
  • Some dinosaurs are very big such as the Diplodocus and some are very small like the Compsognathus.

Diplodocus Facts

  • This big dino was alleged to have lived in western North America.
  • He weighed in at between 10 and 15 tons which is like 3 African elephants
  • He was the longest dinosaur at 35m in length until the fossilised bones of an even longer one was found in Argentina and measured in at 40m.
  • He was a herbivore or vegetarian
  • His long neck helped him reach leaves at the very top of the trees.

1.  Once you have collected all the facts together challenge the kids to choose their favourite dino and write a FACT BOOK of their own. Allow them to research the information on the internet and have a collection of non fiction books on hand for them to use.

Useful websites may include:

'Who am I ?' game

Make a 'Who am I' sheet by describing a well known dinosaur and asking the rest of the class to guess which one you are. Make sure you include whether you are a carnivore or a herbivore

Dino Words

Print off enough outlines of dinosaurs for each child to have one and ask them to write down as many 'Dino words' as they can inside the print-off.You could learn the 'dinosaur stomp' song to get them in the mood!

Dino Similes

You might like to introduce this dinosaur for kids teaching idea by having a few goes before they are let loose on the idea. Start by giving them and example such as Diplodocus is 'as big as a bus'. Then get the kids to think of some of their own. You could make a class book of Dino Similes, one for each dinosaur perhaps? Encourage the kids to make some silly ones because silly ones are fun!

Dinosaur Poem 

Read the poem 'Wayne the Stegosaurus' from the book 'The Biggest Burp' by Kenn Nesbitt with the kids and challenge them to change the words to create their own version of the poem. I have included a worksheet for you to use with examples of words they might like to incorporate!

Dino Jokes

Share some dinosaur jokes with your class and then ask them to make up some of their own. Here are a few to start them off.

What do you get when a dinosaur walks through a strawberry patch? Answer: Strawberry jam!

What is T Rex's favourite number? Answer: Eight!

What do you call a blind dinosaur? Answer: I-don't-think-he-saw-us!

Make a class book of Dinosaur Jokes with all the best ones in! A great addition to your Dinosaurs for kids theme!

Creative Writing.

Give them the title:

'How I would look after a baby dinosaur?'

and ask them to write a short account of what they might have to do to feed, wash and exercise their baby dino! 

They could draw pictures and diagrams if they wish to make it more interesting.

If you like you can build up the tension by telling the class that you found a dinosaur egg in the classroom [ making  a real one would be good if you have the time] then asking them what they should do with it if it hatches, what kind of dinosaur it might be and how did the egg got there in the first place. I guarantee that the end product will be a lot better if you build up the 'let's pretend' factor before you start the writing.

Happy writing!

Dinosaur Math

Dino Drawing to Scale

Dinosaurs are BIG! So your first dinosaurs for kids math activity is to do a 'Scaling down task with the kids so they can draw their favourite dino to scale!

You will need pieces of A4 squared paper, rules. pencils and some scrap paper for workings out.

First they will need to do some research about their chosen creature. Find out its length and height and make a note of it so they can use it later in the task.

Next get them to round up or down to the nearest 5. For example if the dino was 31metres long, they would round it down to 30m to make the calculations easier later on. [Not as essential with older kids as they can estimate part of a square when drawing]

Now the real math bit starts! This will depend on whether you have 1inch or 1centimetre squares and how big you want the drawings to be. For younger children 1 to 1 might be easier for them to achieve but older kids can chose the scale that will suit their paper and their dinosaur. For instance, using 1in squares if their dinosaur was 30metres long each square could represent 2m.making their drawing 15squares long. If their paper isn't big enough for that make 1 square equal 5m thus drawing a dino 6 squares long.

They have to repeat this with the height and then draw the shape within those parameters. Sound easy? Give it a try!

Makes a great display with all the dinos cut out and mounted on a dino themed landscape! 

Dino Dilemmas!

Make up some stories with problems to solve.

Here are some to start you off!

  1. If a diplodocus could eat ---- leaves in a second. How many could he eat in a minute? [insert your own number]
  2. Tyrannosaurus laid --- eggs. 4 of them hatched. How many didn't?
  3. 5 Dinos had a race. The winner took only 15 seconds to reach the winning line. The last one was 4 seconds slower. How long did he take?
  4. One baby dino weighed ------ kgs and her brother weighed three times as much. How many kgs did the brother weigh?
  5. 4 dinosaurs went for a walk. The first liked eating leaves, the second one was big and slow, the third one had big sharp teeth and the forth one had a very small head. Which one do you think was the carnivore and why?

The biggest dino ever!

Find out the length of the longest dinosaur ever and measure it out in the playground. Their eyes will be a picture!

Lots of other stuff for your Dinosaur for Kids Theme


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